Green Coating

PLASTOFIX - Concrete adhesive for Gypsum plaster (MCC 5123)


Metcon MCC-5123 PLASTOFIX is water based adhesive formulated on special polymeric dispersion for bonding gypsum, plaster of Paris, cement, plaster and other concrete surfaces. It forms a chemical bonding which is flexible yet has high mechanical strength to hold a good load. This adhesive is embodied with quartz sand for better surface-to-surface adhesion and is eco-friendly.


PLASTOFIX MCC 5123 can be applied on walls, ceilings, columns, slabs, with minimum surface preparation; the surface may be rough or smooth it dries fast and forms an adhesive film.


For the application of PLASTOFIX, a new substrate should be at least a month old. If the substrate is old, it should have sufficient strength to hold the coat. The cracks or loose lumps must have been attended before. There should not be any chemical contamination or high humidity which will affect the adhesion. It is beneficial to washed off or moistened the substrate with clean water at the time of application. PLASTOFIX is ready to use & a single coat with brush or roller is normally sufficient. Don’t blend it with any other material or dilute with water. Allow the coat to dry and protect the coat from moisture till it dries. Sufficient ventilation is expected for quick drying the coat.


Appearance : Uniform viscous liquid with fine aggregates
Type : Special Polymer dispersion
Colour : Greenish
Finish : Matt & grainy
Specific Gravity : 1.30 – 1.35
pH : 7 - 8
Percent volume solids : 65 - 67 %
Thinner : Don’t dilute, add little water if required for easy application.
Application : Brush or Roller
Theoretical Coverage : 4 sq. mtr/kg
Recotability : Next day i.e after 20 hrs
Bond strength after a week : 7.2 kn
Packing : 20 kg pail
Shelf life : 6 months in its intact containers
Safety Precautions : Being water based no fire hazards. Spillage should be immediately washed with water. Use normal personal protect equipment during equipment.