Metcon MCC - 2713 is a single pack, heat-cured system based on Melamine Formaldehyde resin. The recommended Stoving schedule for this system is 120oC / 30 minutes.
The completely cured film forms a tough, hardwearing coating which provides excellent wear resistance and also provides very good resistance to heat, petroleum products and lubricants,etc.
It provides an excellent adhesion to the bare M.S., Aluminium substrate along with an excellent flexibility, impact resistance and hardness.


MCC – 2713 is used as a finish coat for the industrial, automotive and Domestic appliances to give long term protection of Al structures and also used in the chemical plants, instrumentation plant and for home & industrial appliances etc.


Ensure that the surface is oil and grease free clean and dry. Loose rust is to be removed or Rust convertor may be applied as a protective measure. Add recommended thinner to adjust application viscosity and apply with Spray.


1. TYPE : Alkyd Amino based
2. GLOSS : Glossy / Semiglossy
3. SHADE : Any standard shade in metallic finish
4. FLASH POINT : > 35oC
5. RECOMMENDED THINNER : Stoving thinner
6. APPLICATION : Conventional / airless spray
7. APPLICATION VISCOSITY : 25 – 30 seconds
8. STOVING SCHEDULE : Flash off : 10 – 15 Minutes
Stoving time : 120oC / 30 minutes
9. RECOMMENDED DFT : 35 - 40 Microns
10.THEORETICAL COVERAGE : 10 Sq mtr /ltr at 40 microns
11. PACKING : 20 Litres single pack
12. SHELF LIFE : One year in sealed drums
13. CLEAN UP : It is good working practice to periodically flush out spray equipment during the course of the working day. Frequency of cleaning will depend upon amount sprayed, temperature and elapsed time, including any delays.
14. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS : Both polymer and thinner are rapid drying type. Always paint with small qty and replace lid after use. Use safety precautions regarding Flammability of Solvents & Paints. All mixed materials and empty containers should be disposed off in accordance with appropriate regional regulations.

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