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MCC 4702 is a lead-free High Performance Monocoat for protection against X-rays and Gamma-rays using Nano powders blended in a Special Polymeric medium. Various equipment and areas in the nuclear division require special protective coatings which in addition to normal properties, withstand nuclear radiation. This coating is applied for Nuclear transmitters, which will be lead free, light weight, easy to apply and will have high absorbency property of Nuclear rays.


It is suitable for various Equipments and Surfaces of Radiology and Nuclear field. It is considered as a non-toxic, resistant to erosion, light weight and cost effective for Radiation protection against ‘X’ and Gamma Radiation in Nuclear and Radiological Department.


The application must be carried out by a person with good knowledge of the product and the expected application. The substrate to be coated, must be free from dirt, dust oil or grease or any other contamination. The pot life of the product is short and hence only required minimum qty of base and hardener to be mixed. The material should be applied by spraying. The pressure and flow of the gun can be adjusted as per DFT required. Thinning of the material is to be avoided. All necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used. Cleaning of spray gun and spillage to be attended at once.


System : Two pack Special polymeric blend
DFT : 30 – 40 microns
Mixing Ratio : 5 : 1 (by weight)
Drying time : Surface dry = 2 – 3 hrs
Hard dry = Overnight
Hardness after 24 hours : 4H passes
Adhesion : 100%
Gloss : Glossy
Scratch hardness : Passes 2 kg load for 40 microns DFT
Accelerated UV test (72 hours of exposure) : No change
Salt spray test : Passes 500 hours
Non Volatile Matter (NVM) : 60 ± 1%
Shelf life : One year in separately sealed containers
Pot life : 30 minutes
Application : Airless or Air assisted Spra
Packing : 6 kg or 24 kg dual pack
Safety Precautions : This product is intended for use only by professional applicator. Use of personal protective equipment and adequate ventilation is recommended during application