Metcon MCC 2717 is a 4 component solvent free resin with rich Electrostatic Dissipation Coating System. This is supplied as a self leveling system based on liquid epoxy resin cured with a special grade of Cycloaliphatic Amine hardner. The system is supplied in pre-weighed packs ready to mix and use. The system consists of base, hardner & premixed special additives and filler conforming to ESD requirements. The colour of the coating will be as required by the customer. Metcon MCC 2717 provides floor protection in a static dissipative range {5 X104 -106} ohms as per ESD Standards. The ESD properties are achieved when the product is used in conjunction with Metcon MCC 5103 Antistatic ESD Primer.


Metcon MCC 2717 conforms to requirements of Electrostatic floor coating application as per BS 2050 when used as per advise of Metcon Technical services Division. The floor coating when cured, provides a seamless washable hygiene floor top coat with excellent aesthetic appeal and gloss. The product has excellent adhesion to primed and screeded substrates with very good self-leveling properties. It also provides a dense abrasion resistant, oil, water and chemical resistant floor top coating.


The coating system is designed to render superior resistance to saline chemical exposure, mild acidic, alkaline contact and solvents. The system is also water resistant. Specific resistance chart is available with Metcon Technical Service Division on request.


One pack contains -

Compressive Strength > 50 N/ mm2
Flextural Strength > 33 N/mm2
Tensile Strength >15 N/mm2
Abrasion resistance CS 17 wheels 160 grams @ 100 cycles
(ASTM D 4060 Taber Abraser, 1Kg. Load)
Band Strength > Cohesive strength of concrete


  • The substrate should be properly prepared with sealing primer, copper grid and ESD primer as per detailes given with our Antistatic ESD primer Mepoxy MCC 5103.
  • Mix the measured quantity of hardner ‘B’ as per the packing into the base ‘A’ in full. Mix by use of slow drill mixer for 1 minute.
  • Transfer the mixed base and hardner into a container and add filler ‘C’ and mix with a slow speed drill for 1 - 2 minutes. After the mixing is uniform pour filler ‘D’ and mix for 1 minute till uniform. Please note that only slow mixers are to be used.
  • Spread the mixture on the floor immediately after mixing for the required thickness with a serrated trowel and spike roller to remove all entrapped air.


Take proper precautions to avoid skin contact. Application to be done in well ventilated rooms. The product being flammable should be kept away from naked flames.

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