Metcon MCC 5160 X is a two component special waterproofing exterior coat for RCC/Masonry surfaces to resist various climatic stresses. It makes the surface strong to hold the surface cracks and fissures. The film of the coat is water resistant and very well stops the water leakage ceiling and walls. It is formulated with aqueous resin and special additives to meet the stringent exposure condition.


MCC 5160 X being waterbased is eco-friendly and economical. It is recommended for long lasting water proofing protection to ceiling and walls of buildings or tanks.


The surface preparation is very much essential for long protection. The cracks are to be filled with crack sealing admixture. This prepared substrate is now to be coated with the Special primer MCC 1196 which creates a bridge to receive the membrane coat on substrate and it penetrates into the substrate to seal the hair lined gaps of substrate.

MCC 5160X is to be applied with brush or roller uniformly in two coats; second after drying the first one. As the colour of the coat is dark brown, it may be coated afterward with Waterbased Elastomeric paint in any desired shade.


1. Type : Elastomeric emulsion
2. Shade : Brown
3. Gloss : Eggshell
4. Volume Solids : 25 ± 2 %
5. pH : 8 – 8.5
6. Mixing Ratio : Part A : Part B : : 3 : 1 (by weight)
7. Theoretical Coverage : 1 – 2 sq mtr/kg in 2 coat application
8. Drying Time : Surface dry : 20 – 30 minutes
Tack free dry : 1 – 2 hrs
9. Application By : Brush or roller
10. Recoatability : After 7 – 8 hrs
11. Packing : 20 kg Pail
12. Shelf life : One year in sealed container
13. Safety Precautions : Since the paint is based on water thinnable ingredients there is no risk of fire. Avoid breathing or inhaling mist. In case of spillage on the skin, it should be immediately washed with plenty of water and seek medical aid.

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