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Metcon MCC 5171 is an ideal exterior coating based on Elastomeric Polyurethane and other Hybrid Dispersion. It is a water repellent/ water proofing coating having excellent weathering and dirt pick up resistance with crack bridging property for all seasons. It is also U.V resistant and prevents formation of mild dew on wall surfaces.


MCC 5171 is recommended for Exterior walls, Asbestos and Tile Roofs, Concrete roofs and structures. It is also applicable for waterproofing of water ponds, brick works or any other porous substrates. It is useful for leakage repairs in Bathrooms, Kitchens, Basements and balconies etc.


The substrate should be clean and free from grease, oil, dirt and any other chemical contamination. There should not be any loose lump on the substrate.
It is advisable to apply a primer coat for better coverage and adhesion. On primed surface two coats are to be applied with brush or roller after dilution with water upto 40%. The second coat is to be applied after minimum interval of 4 – 6 hours after application of the first coat.


Type : Elastomeric Hybrid P.U. Dispersion
Shade : Any Standard shade
Gloss : Semiglossy/ Eggshell
% Non Volatile matter : 62 ± 2%
Volume Solids : 42 ± 2%
pH : 8 – 8.5
Thinner intake : 30 – 40%
Theoretical Coverage : 120 - 150 sq ft/litre depending on surface condition.
Drying time : Surface dry : 15 – 20 minutes
Hard dry : 2 days
Application By : Brush or roller
Recoatability : 4 – 6 hrs
Packing : 20 kg Pail
Storage : 2 years from the date of manufacturing in sealed container.
Safety Precautions : Since the paint is based on water thinnable ingredients there is no risk of fire. Avoid breathing or inhaling mist. In case of spillage on the skin, it should be immediately washed with plenty of water and seek medical aid.