Metcon MCC 2909 is a two component clear Polyurethane lacquer specially formulated for exterior coatings where high gloss, aesthetic appearance with excellent UV resistance is desired. This dries fast and offers excellent mechanical properties like mar and rub resistance, flexibility, impact resistance, adhesion and scratch hardness. It offers resistance longlasting resistance to heavy chemicals, acids, alkalies, air borne pollutants and saline water. It is available in glossy or matt version.


MCC 2909 is recommended for various equipments, machineries, automobiles and steel structures in pharmaceutical and chemical industries to get high protection alongwith attractive look. This lacquer can also be used to increase or decrease gloss level of top coat.


The substrate should be leveled and smoothened with the help of emery paper. A sealer may be applied if required to get leveled substrate. The base and hardener of the lacquer are to be mixed and sprayed by airless or air assisted gun. Normally 20 – 25 microns coat is sufficient. If necessary second coat may be applied.


1. Finish : Smooth and uniform
2. Gloss : Glossy, Semi Glossy and Matt
3. Shade : Clear
4. Volume solids : 25 – 30%
5. Mixing Ratio (B:H) : 4 : 1 by volume
6. Recommended Thinner : Polyurethane Thinner
7. Theoretical coverage : 18 Sq. m/ltr at 15 microns DFT
8. Recommended Dry Film Thickness : 15 - 20 microns
9. Application By : Brush, spray or roller.
10. Maturation Period : 10 – 15 minutes
11. Drying Time At 30oC : Surface dry : 20 - 30 mins
Tack Free dry : 3 hrs
Hard dry : overnight
12. Flash point
Component ‘A’
Component ‘B’
> 35oC
> 35oC
13. Pot life at 30oC : 3 – 4 hrs
14. Packing : 20 litres dual pack
15. Shelf Life : One year in separately sealed containers
16. Safety Precautions : This product is intended for use only by professional applicators. Use of personal protective equipment and adequate ventilation is recommended during application.

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