METACRYL MCC 2809 is an Isocyanate free finish coating based on silicon Epoxy system. MCC – 2809 provides outstanding gloss and color retention, along with chemical resistance and long term weathering properties. It display antifouling and anti-icing properties. MCC 2809 exhibit excellent dirt pick up resistance and anti graffiti properties. It’s clear coat can be used as finish coat of Epoxy and PU. It can be applied directly to metallic substrate.


This coating is traditionally for metal but it can also be applied on wood, concrete and even plastic substrates.


MCC 2809 may be directly applied on degreased, cleaned metallic substrate or galvanized metal. It can be applied after mixing with brush or roller or spray. If necessary it can be recoated with second coat of itself.


1. Color : As per RAL Card
2. Finish : Semi Glossy / Glossy
3. Mixing ratio by volume : 5 to 1 ratio (5 parts A : 1 part B)
4. Percent volume solids (mixed) : 73 ± 2%
5. Dry film thickness per coat : 50 - 60 microns
6. Theoretical Coverage per ltr* : 14 sq mtr/litre at 50 microns
7. Drying time at temperature at 30o : Surface dry : 3 - 4 Hrs
Hard dry : Overnight
8. Stoving Shedule : 120 deg. / 25 – 30 mins
9. Pot Life at 30 degrees. : 4 - 6 Hrs
10. Salt Spray Test ( ASTM B 117 ) : Passes – 300 Hrs
11. UV Exposure Test : Passes – 200 Hrs
12. Adhesion By Tape Test ( ASTM D 3359) : 100 % Passes
13. Pencil Hardness (ASTM D 3363 -92 A) : 4H - 5H
14. Packing : 20 litres dual pack
15. Shelf life : One year in separately sealed containers
16. Safety Precautions : This product is intended for use only by professional applicator . Use of personal protective equipment and adequate ventilation is recommended during application.
It is good working practice to periodically flush out spray equipment during the course of the working day. Frequency of cleaning will depend upon amount sprayed, temperature and elapsed time, including any delays.


Store in a cool dry place with temperature between 50oF to 100oF (10oC to 38oC). Keep container closed when not in use.


Thoroughly flush spray equipment and hoses immediately after use with Metoxy Special Thinner. Dismantle spray equipment and clean parts, brushes and roller with Metoxy Special Thinner.


WARNING Flammable Liquid and Vapor. Keep away from sparks and flame. Vapors may cause flash fire. Do not breathe vapors or spray mist. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Use with adequate ventilation during mixing and application. Wear an appropriate, properly fitted organi166 applicationrtridge typ0e respirator (NOISH approved) during and after application. Unless air monitoring 166pplicatrates vapor/mist levels are below applicable levels. Follow respirator manufacture’s directions for respirator use. Wash thoroughly after handling. Wear protective, Chemical safety goggles and impervious protective clothing. Use skin cream. In confined spaces it is required to use a positive pressure supplied-air respirator. Use explosionproof lights and electrical equipment. Wear conductive and non-sparking footwear. Make certain all electrical equipment is grounded. Observe all safety precautions and follow procedures described in OSHA regulations.

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