MCC 2714 is an Epoxy Self Leveling floor screed supplied as a 3 pack system to provide a tough impact and wear resistant surface for final coating with epoxy self leveling top coat. This can be used to build up a thickness of upto 4 mm of self leveling thick coating to the floor. This can also be used to resurface and repair old concrete surfaces to form an even surface for overcoating. It offers outstanding abrasion and impact resistance and is also ideal material to hold Epoxy top coat.


MCC 2714 can be applied as a universal screed in any industry like pharmaceutical, chemical laboratories, refineries, diaries, food processing plants and ship decks besides residential area. It has excellent load bearing, abrasion resistance and chemical resistant properties. It provides a joint free, oil and water resistant screed with non-slip properties. It has very High Mechanical strength.


The substrate must be strong and sound enough to hold the screed coat. All cracks and pits are to be attended. Oil, grease and chemical traces are to be removed. In view of strong adhesion of screed Epoxy primer coat is required before screed coat. In general 2 mm screed coat is sufficient, however for heavy industrial area it may be upto 5 m. llow the coat to cure overnight.


Type : Epoxy Amine
Appearance : Clear liquid
Mixing Ratio (B:H:F) : 5 parts of Base to 2 parts of Hardener to 12 parts filler by weight
Volume Solids : 90 ± 2%
Maturation Period : 10 - 15 mins
Application method : By Trowel and Spike roller
Drying time at 30oC : Touch dry - 2 – 3 hrs
Hard Dry - Overnight
Theoretical Coverage : 3.4 kg/sq mtr
Pot Life at 30oC : 4 – 5 hrs
Recommended DFT : Minimum 2 mm
Overcoating interval : 8 –12 hrs
Flash Point : 50oC
Packing : 19 kg pack (B:H:F = 5:2:12 )
Clean Up : Epoxy Thinner
Shelf Life : One year in separately sealed container
Safety Precautions : This product is intended for use only by professional applicator. Use of personal protective equipment and adequate ventilation is recommended during application.

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