Metcon MCC 5150 Polyurethane Wood Sealer is a single pack aqueous lacquer. The product is air drying in less than 30 minutes at room temperature. Sanding and subsequent coats could be applied after 30 minutes.
MCC 5150 polyurethane wood sealer is water resistant, dirt pick up resistant and best suited for filling into pores and crevices of wood. The sealer maintains its dimensional accuracy, by being elastomeric and non-cracking. Additional features are:

  • Outstanding wet adhesion and water resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance, excellent thermal stability
  • Free from volatile organic contents (voc) and user friendly
  • Quick drying, dirt and dust resistant.
Colour : Translucent. Dries to a clear finish or application
Finish : Semi glossy to matt.
Volume solids : 32 ± 5%
Area coverage : 14 sq .mtrs /kg approximately
Film thickness : 25 microns per coat
Drying schedule : Surface dry :15 minutes
Sandability : After 30 minutes
Recoatability : Within 60 minutes
Through dry : After 24 hours
Shelf life : 12 months in sealed HDPE can
For spray : Use potable water upto 5 % as diluant for adjusting flow and consistency.


MCC – 5150 is used for Wooden furniture, Partitions used in offices and institutions require durable protection by use of Polyurethane paints and lacquers. MCC 5150 Aqueous Polyurethane wood sealer acts as a priming–cum–sealing coat to the prepared surfaces. MCC 5150 is designed to provide excellent adherence and leveling properties to present and preserve aesthetic looks of wood furniture.


By spray, brush or roller coating. The wooden substrate should be adequately planed in order to receive the sealer coat. Deep knots and crevices should be sealed using NC/Acrylic wood putty.

  • Ensure that wooden surface are adequately planed and any unevenness is leveled.
  • Crevices and cracks should be sealed with wood knifing paste and sanded properly.
  • Metcon MCC 5150 wood sealer may be applied in 1 or 2 layer as may be required for uniform appearance.
  • The ready surface should be coated using Metcon MCC 5152/5153 wood lacquer.
  • For best results do not excessively thin the materials. Viscosity adjustment with maximum 5% of potable water is recommended.
  • Clean the spray equipment with water immediately after use. This will prevent clogging of nozzles.


  • Care should be taken during usage and storage to avoid splashes and contact with eyes, mouth, skin & food stuffs.
  • Treat splashes to eyes & skin immediately with fresh flowing water. If swallowed, seek medical help immediately.
  • Use protective eye goggles, hand gloves and dust/ vapour masks while using the product
  • Use adequate ventilation while using the coatings. Appropriate spray booth enclosure should be provided for spray finish.
  • Provide dust-resistant environment for Polyurethane coatings.

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