Green Coating



MCC 1262 is a transparent, odorless liquid based on silconate & other reactive chemicals to densify & harden fresh and old concrete. It deeply penetrates the concrete & seals pores permanently. On curing it converts the concrete into a solid mass with increased toughness and hardness. In turn gives higher abrasion resistance and durability of concrete.

  • Ready to use & easy to apply
  • Free of solvent & no VOC
  • Substantially Improved chemical & abrasion resistance compared to untreated concrete
  • Good Penetration of chemicals ensures active reaction & densification .
  • Only one application creates permanent sealing & solidification of concrete surfaces
  • Treated surfaces resists dust , oil ,grease & contaminants , concrete is also waterproof
  • Can be used for old & new concrete.


MCC – 1262 can be applied on any concrete surface where the resistance and longitivity is needed such as laboratories, godowns.


The substrate should be clean and free from grease, oil, dirt and any other chemical contamination. There should not be any loose lump on the substrate.
It is advisable to apply a primer coat for better coverage and adhesion. On primed surface two coats are to be applied with brush or roller after dilution with water upto 40%. The second coat is to be applied after minimum interval of 4 – 6 hours after application of the first coat.

  • Apply Metafloor Densifier to new concrete as soon as the concrete is firm enough to work on after troweling.
  • Spray Meta Floor Densifier on at rate of 5 sqmt/litr.
  • When the treated surface becomes slippery after this period, lightly mist with water until slipperiness disappears.
  • Wait for surface to become slippery again, & then flush entire surface with water to remove all Meta Floor Densifier residue.
  • Make surface completely dry, flushing any remaining slippery areas until no residue remains.
  • Thoroughly remove previous treatments, laitance, oil & other contaminants.
  • Keep surface wet with Metafloor Densifier for a minimum soak in period of 30 -40 minutes.
  • If some of the material remains on the surface after the 30 minutes soak-in –period, wait until the surface become slippery & then flush with water, remove all meta floor hard residue. Squeegee completely, dry, flushing any slippery areas until no residue remains.


Colour : Colorless & odorless Liquid
Specific Gravity : 1.15 + / 1.20 Kg / Litr
Theoretical Coverage : 5.0 m2 per ltr depending on porosity of substrate
Application Temperature : Min. Substrate Temp = 5oC
Max. Substrate Temp. = 50oC
Max. Relative Humidity = 80 %
PH Value : 11.90


  • Over application may cause discoloration of concrete or white haze.
  • Brush out puddles to prevent formation of white residue.
  • Wash immediately with clear water.
  • Protect glass, metal surfaces from splashing of material . Clean properly with water


  • Avoid inhalation of vapours & spray mist. Avoid contact with eyes & skin. Excessive & prolonged inhalation may result in headache, nausea, eye & lung irritations. Contact with skin may cause irritation or rash.
  • Keep Container closed when not in use.
  • If spilled contain spilled material & remove with inert absorbent.