Metcon MCC 1121 is a solvented Epoxy Penetration Primer for concrete surface and is versatile for entire floor top coat series. It provides excellent adhesion between concrete surface and top coats. It has good penetration and sealing properties, good bonding with concrete and cementatious substrates.


It is recommended for new or old concrete surface before top coat application.


Before Primer application ensure that the concrete surface is clean dry and sound. Moisture test is conducted by moisture meter or plastic sheet method (ASTMD 4263 standard KA method for indicating moisture in concrete). The residual moisture should not be more than 4.5%.
Surface Preparation like scarification grinding or shot blasting is done to achieve a surface profile of 100 - 150 microns.
Application Method: Mix the base and hardner in the given ratio stir thoroughly for 5 - 7 minutes. Apply by roller or brush. Allow to cure for 8 hrs before screeding or top coating.


Type : Epoxy - Polyamide
Colour : Clear
Mixing Ratio : Base : Hardner - 3 : 1 (by wt.)
Volume Solids : 50 ± 2%
Finish : Glossy
Theoretical Covering capacity : 10 Sq. Mtrs. / kg At 50 microns
Drying Time at 30°C : Surface dry : 1 - 2 hrs
Tack Free dry : 3 - 4 hrs
Hard Dry : Overnight
Application Method : By Brush or Roller
Induction Time : 15 minutes
Recommended DFT : 50 - 60 Microns
Pot life at 30°C : 4 – 6 hrs
Overcoating interval at 30oC : Min : 8 hrs
Max : 5 days, provided surface is clean and free from all contaminations
Shelf Life (cool & dry place) : At least 12 months
Flash Point : Base - Above 35oC
Hardner – Above 35oC
Clean Up : Special Epoxy thinner
Safety Precautions : This product is intended for use only by professional applicator in industrial situation in accordance with advice given on this sheet and Material Safety Data sheet.

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