Metcon MCC 1260 is a specially formulated, two component (liquid + powder) cementatious blend combined with moisture activated chemicals and polymers which has excellent waterproofing properties as well as high resistance to chemical & mechanical influences.

  • It provides an impermeable coating against water pressure against positive & negative.
  • It gives excellent adhesion to bricks, stones, concrete/ cement mortar.
  • It is suitable for application on moist surfaces.
  • It retains concrete breathing capacity.


MCC 1260 is ideally suitable for waterproofing of external plastered walls, hollow brick masonary, Terrace. Also recommended for water proofing against ground moisture, subsoil seepage, swimming pools, sewage plants etc. It can also be used as a wall crack filling putty.


The surface should be thoroughly cleaned of loose materials & any deposits which could affect bond between surface & polymer followed by wetting with water.

Mix MCC 1260 (Part A to Part B) in the ration 2 : 1 by weight. Add 1 part of water; stir well to obtain uniform slurry. This slurry is sprayed uniformly on the plastered surface under pressure to obtain a uniform & impervious membrane coating. A single coat can give a thickness of about 100 -125 microns and is effective in penetrating capillary ducts/ voids in surfaces and forms a tough water proof film on the surface through polymerization process.


1. COLOUR : Part A : White Milky Liquid
Part B : Grey / Off white Powder
2. COVERAGE : 8m2 / kg of mix
3. CURE TIME : Overnight
4. CONSISTENCY : Paste like, water thinnable
5. pH : 8 - 10
6. SPECIFIC GRAVITY AT 25oC : Part A - 1.02 ± 1
7. STORAGE : Shelf life of Part A & Part B is 12 months, unopened original containers protected from sunlight & moisture
8. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS : This product is water based & non- hazardous. However it should not be allowed to come in contact with skin & eyes.

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