Metcon MCC 2705 is a two-component polyamide cured Epoxy Highbuild finish paint, forming a tough, hardwearing coating which provides an excellent resistance to industrial chemicals, water & petroleum products and excellent adhesion to bare metals and treated surfaces.


MCC – 2705 is used for long-term protection of steel and other structural materials in severely corrosive environment like Marine Atmosphere, Chemical Plants, Oil Refineries, Fertilizer Plant and Paper Industry. It is recommended to apply on an Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer coated surface.


Shade : All standard shades
Finish : Glossy, S/G, Eggshell & matt
Volume Solids : 50 ± 3%
Mixing Ratio : 4 Parts of Base to 1 Part Hardener (By Volume)
Thinner : Epoxy thinner
Maturation Period : 15 - 20 Minutes
Application Method : Brush or Conventional / Airless spraying
Drying Time at 30oC : Surface dry : 2 - 3 Hrs.
Tack Free Dry : 4 - 5 hrs
Hard dry : Overnight
Recommended DFT : 40 - 50 Microns
Theoretical Coverage : 10 Sq mtr/ ltr at 50 microns DFT
Recoatability : 16 - 18 Hrs.( If desired )
( But should not be more than 7 days )
Pot life at 30oC : 3 - 4 Hrs
Shelf Life : One year in separately sealed drums
Packing : 20 litres dual pack
Clean Up : It is good working practice to periodically flush out spray equipment during the course of the working day. Frequency of cleaning will depend upon amount sprayed, temperature and elapsed time, including any delays.
Safety Precautions : This product is intended for use only by professional applicator. Use of personal protective equipment and adequate ventilation is recommended during application.

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