Green Coating



Metcon MCC 5114 is an aqueous polyurethane based eco-friendly bed liner for use on all types of goods delivery vehicles. The liner forms a tough barrier between metallic floor and movable loads. The bed liner resists impact of goods movement, saline, chemical and corrosive environment. It protects the vehicle against mechanical and chemical damage.

  • The Bed liner fulfils the function of effective barrier coating over ferrous, non-ferrous and mineral
  • Surfaces to render abrasion resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • The Bed liner is water and splash resistant and does not permit percolation of chemical spills, dirt and water to vehicle body.
  • MCC 5114 is washable and can be detergent cleaned and wiped to render a clean appearance.
  • Mechanical properties – Recommended film thickness – 1 ~ 1.5 mm. Resists abrasion and impact damage.
  • Chemical Properties– Resists Detergent cleaning, salt water, mild acids, mild alkalis, spirit etc


MCC 5114 Bed liner for cargo carrier is applied over pretreated and primed steel surfaces as a high build 1 mm ~ 1.5 mm thick coating in 2 or 3 layers or by means of High Build Spray coating. For this purpose, ‘Bullows’ make pressure feed tank and “Bullows” make High Volume Spray nozzle (4 mm dia) could be used in consultation with the manufacturer of equipment.


  • Detach and remove gates and fittings of cargo carrier.
  • All painted surfaces should be roughened by means of Medium grit emery paper for purpose of cutting out the gloss.
  • Wipe the painted surface using Metcon Special Thinner for purpose of removing any surface active agents and silicones.
  • Carry out Similar treatment over the inner sides and gates.
  • Apply masking tape over rims and such other areas not requiring bed liner application.
  • Pre - painted surfaces, phosphated surfaces and those with stoving paint will require Bond Coating. For this purpose, Metcon MCC 1195 IK Primer could be applied as an adherent undercoat.


  • The Recommended lining thickness of 400 microns to 500 microns per layer. Effective total thickness of bed liner is about 1 ~ 1.5 mm over cargo bed floor.
  • MCC 5114 Bed liner is a thixotropic but self leveling composition of Elastomer modified with hard wearing and shock absorbent buffer additives and leveling agents. It is designed to form a uniform textured finish over vehicle floor in attractive black shade.
  • Stir MCC 5114 Bed liner uniformly before use and keep contents covered with lid tightly to prevent evaporation and thickening.
  • Apply each coat using spray application with 0.4 mm size nozzle. The paint could be pressurized using pressure feed tank.
  • Repeat with 2nd / 3rd coat application at 60 minutes intervals. Take care to remove masking tapes before drying of 2nd coat.
  • A Top Coat of MCC 2508 IK Black coating/ MCC 2507 IK Clear Coating is recommended over the Bed Liner for purpose of Chemical Resistance, Solvent Resistance and excellent mechanical protection.
  • Wash brushes, pressure feed tank, spray equipment immediately using plain water.


Colour : Black
Finish : Textured, semi glossy finish
Consistency : Ready to use thixotropic consistency
Volume solids : 50 ± 2%
Drying Schedule : Air Dry - 1 hour
Re-coatability - After 1 hour
Full dry – 24 hours
Ready for use – After 48 hours
Recommended lining thickness : 1 mm
Area coverage : Approx. of 800 microns lining per ltr
Shelf life : 1 year in sealed container