Metcon MCC 2806 is Polysiloxane finish coating that provides outstanding gloss and color retention, along with chemical resistance and long term weathering properties. Following are its salient features.

  • VOC Compliant
  • High gloss finish
  • High Solids
  • Excellent wetting and adhesion properties
  • Low temperature cure capabilities
  • Excellent film flexibly
  • Rapid and Extended recoat window
  • Excellent hardness on warm surfaces
  • Rapid handling characteristics
  • Excellent U.V. gloss and color retention
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Can be applied by brush, roller or spray
  • Indefinite recoat window
  • Isocyanate Free


MCC 2806 provides a finish with outstanding physical properties and weathering resistance that exceeds polyurethanes. It can be used as a finish coating over epoxies and polyurethanes. MCC 2806 has an indefinite recoat window and can be recoated with a second coat of itself. It can be used on structural steel, piping, tanks, Masonary surfaces, etc. in petrochemical plants and refineries, offshore platforms and equipment, power plants, pulp and paper mills and other corrosive weathering environments.


Remove all oil and grease from surfaces using Metcon Special Cleaning Solvent.
Remove loose or peeling paint, clean chalked surfaces and apply MCC 1112 Primer over sound epoxy and urethane coatings. Use MCC 1112 as a base coat for over coating with Polysiloxane Top Coat.

  • MIXING :

    Metcon MCC 2806 has a 5 to 1 mix ratio Power mix each component separately then mix 1 part B to 5 parts A by volume of Metcon MCC 2806 and power mix thoroughly. Use only flame proof power mixing equipment

  • POT LIFE :

    Metcon MCC 2806 has a 3 hour pot life at 25oC and less at higher temperatures.


    Metcon MCC 2806 may be thinned with Metcon Special Thinner for brush and roller applications. Note: Use of other thinner not approved by Metcon hinder product performance and void product warranty.


    Apply by brush roller, conventional Spray or airless spray equipment.


    Spray Gun : Devilbisis MBC or Binks 18 or 62
    Air Hose : 5/16” (I.D.)
    Fluid hose : 3/8” (I.D) minimum
    Air Cap : 704
    Fluid nozzle : 0.086”
    Pressure pot : Doubled regulated
    Pot Pressure : 10 – 15 lbs.
    Atomizing pressure : 35 – 40 lbs.


    Spray pump : Graco 30:1 Bulldog
    Air to Pump : 90 to 100 lbs.
    Spray tip : 017” to 021”
    Material Hose : ½” I.D. (minimum)
    GPM output : 2.5 (minimum)
    Output : 1500-2000 psi
    Filter Size : 60 mesh


    Use natural bristle brush, medium nap roller with solvent resistance fibers and core. Multiple coats may be required to obtain the adequate hiding and required film thickness. Extra care should be taken to measure the film thickness. Extra care should be taken to measure the film thickness, when applied by brush or roller. Do not bridge irregularities, use a brush to work coating into surfaces.


    The ambient temperature for Metcon MCC 2806 application should be between the 50oF to 90oF (10oC to 35.1oC) during application.

    Temperatures Surface Ambient Air
    Maximum (32.1oC) 40oF (4oC)
    Minimum (4oC) 110oF (43oC)
    Special thinning and application procedures are required outside these temperatures. Surface temperatures should be 5oF (3oC) above the dew point and rising to prevent condensation, which may dull the gloss level.


Store in a cool dry place with temperature between 50oF to 100oF (10oC to 38oC). Keep container closed when not in use.


Thoroughly flush spray equipment and hoses immediately after use with Metcon Special Thinner. Dismantle spray equipment and clean parts, brushes and roller with Metcon Special Thinner.


WARNING : Flammable Liquid and Vapor. Keep away from sparks and flame. Vapors may cause flash fire. Do not breathe vapors or spray mist. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Use with adequate ventilation during mixing and application. Wear an appropriate, properly fitted organic application cartridge type respirator (NOISH approved) during and after application. Follow respirator manufacture’s directions for respirator use. Wash thoroughly after handling. Wear protective, Chemical safety goggles and impervious protective clothing. Use skin cream. In confined spaces it is required to use a positive pressure supplied-air respirator (NIOSH approved). Use explosion-proof lights and electrical equipment. Wear conductive and non-sparking footwear. Make certain all electrical equipment is grounded. Observe all safety precautions and follow procedures described in OSHA regulations.


Generic Name : Metcon MCC 2806
Generic Type : Polysiloxane
Shelf Life : 1 Year
Color : As per RAL Card
Finish : Semi Glossy / Glossy
Number of Components : Two
Mixing ratio by volume : 5 to 1 ratio (5 parts A : 1 part B)
Percent solids by volume (mixed) : > 73 ± 2%
Weight per ltr (mixed) : 1.35 kg/l) (Varies with color)
Dry film thickness per coat : 50-75 microns
Theoretical Coverage per ltr* : 14.66 SQMT/LITR at 50 microns
Drying time at temperature : At 30o
To Touch : 3 -4 Hrs.
To handle : 24 Hrs.
Maximum recoat time : Indefinite after roughening ( emery paper )
Pot Life AT 30 DEG. : 4 -6 Hrs
Flash Point (Base Part A) : Above 30oC
(Activator Part B) : Above 30oC
(Metoxy MCC 2806 thinner) : Above 43oC
Shelf Life : 1 Year

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